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Table Lamps: The Serena & Lily Look for Less

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

10 table lamp options to give you the Serena & Lily look for less.

Serena & Lily antique gold Cornwall buffet table lamp on console
Image via Serena & Lily

Budget. It's a word we (and a lot of people) have a love-hate relationship with. Because most often than not, we love something, but hate the fact that it's not in our budget! However, a lower home décor budget does not mean your style has to suffer. You can decorate beautifully on any budget, but it might take some digging to find the look for less. We've done a little of the legwork for you by pulling together 10 table lamp options that give you the Serena & Lily look for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you'll also be supporting a small business!

With all of that said, you're allowed to splurge on a piece if you absolutely love it! You can create incredible spaces with some high/low decorating. If you do splurge, make sure to adjust your decorating budget to save money elsewhere.

10 Casual Coastal Table Lamps

Casual coastal (aka the "Serena & Lily" look) is a big trend in home décor. But within your decorating budget, table lamps may not be your top priority. You may find that when you finally get around to looking for table lamps you'll need (or want) to find a less-expensive substitute for a style you like. Here are 10 affordable table lamps options that are similar to Serena & Lily styles. All of these are either in stock or ones we can special order for you.

Please note: contact us for price and availability as both are subject to change.

Price Chart

Since prices can fluctuate with time, we've used the dollar signs to indicate the starting price range of each lamp:

$ = $100+

$$ = $200+

$$$ = $300+

$$$$ = $400+

$$$$$ = $500+

$$$$$$ = $600+

$$$$$$$ = $700 and up

1. Blue Waves Ceramic Table Lamps

Both of these are a great way to introduce texture and color into your space! The Sedna table lamp has a square drum shade, a textured base, and a brighter blue hue when compared to the Serena & Lily Bari. It's also over several hundred dollars less.

Bari Table Lamp (18" Dia. x 29"H, $$$$$)
Sedna Table Lamp (19" Dia. x 27"H, $$$)

2. Blue and White Stripe Bone Inlay Table Lamps

These two striped bone inlay table lamps couldn't be more similar! Both have a drum shade, similar dimensions, and an alternating blue and white striped bone inlay base. But when you look at the price, they couldn't be more different.

Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Table Lamp (18"Dia. x 24"H, $$$$$)
Coburn Bone Inlay Table Lamp (15"Dia x 23"H, $$$)

3. Natural Zig-Zag Bone Inlay Table Lamps

Intricately inlaid bone in a classic chevron pattern accent the soft curves of both of these table lamps. However, the price of our Hayworth means that you could buy TWO for the price of one Westerly!

Westerly Zig Zag Table Lamp (18"Dia x 26.5"H, $$$$$$$)

Hayworth Zig Zag Table Lamp (16"Dia. x 26"H, $$$)

4. Brass Ring Table Lamps

A simple and sophisticated table lamp finished in an antique brass. The beauty of these lamps is that they add interest to a room without adding bulk because of their unique design that uses negative space. Our Duara lamp has a more delicate frame, and it's also half the cost of the Serena & Lily Brass Ring lamp, which means that you could buy a pair of them and have money left for other accessories for what you would pay for one of the other.

Brass Ring Table Lamp (13.5" x 8.5" x 21"H, $$$$$$)

Duara Brass Ring Table Lamp (19" x 11" x 29"H, $$)

5. Nautical Rope Table Lamps

These nautical rope table lamps couldn't be more perfect for the Lowcountry beach homes. These are a good option for a kids' bunk room since the base is wrapped in rope, which makes them more durable and kid friendly. Our Lakeland is also more wallet friendly!

Digby Rope Table Lamp (9"Dia x 17.5"H, $$$)
Lakeland Rope Table Lamp (13" Dia x 25"H, $$)

6. Glass and Brass Table Lamps

Traditional materials in a modern silhouette...what more could you ask for? Maybe a savings of over 60% with our Enlight glass-meets-brass table lamp.

Hyde Park Glass Base Lamp (18"Dia x 31"H, $$$$$)
Enlight Glass Base Table Lamp (18.5"Dia x 29.5"H, $$)

7. Glazed Ceramic Table Lamps

Clean lines and a crisp white glaze. Display them in a pair or make a style statement in your room with a single one. Our Keaton also let's you see a several hundred dollar savings!

Morris White Ceramic Lamp (17"Dia. x 28"H, $$$$)
Keaton Crackle Glaze Table Lamp (17"Dia. x 27"H, $$)

8. Tall Brass Buffet Lamps

These tall brass buffet lamps are simple and striking. Their use of negative space creates visual interest and adds an air of lightness while the antique brass finish adds refinement. And although the base of our Kerry features a cut marble accent, you get that added feature while spending almost several hundred dollars less.

Cornwall Brass Buffet Lamp (13"Dia x 33"H, $$$$$$$)
Kerry Brass & Marble Buffet Lamp (14.5"Dia x 35"H, $$$$$)

9. Blue and White Zig-Zag Bone Inlay Table Lamps

The ancient art of bone inlay meets functionality! The classic chevron pattern in a nautical blue and white color scheme adds a casual feel to the soft curves of these table lamps. It could be the pictures themselves, but it does seem like our Davis has a brighter blue hue. What can't be doubted is the price difference.

Westerly Blue & White Lamp (18"Dia x 26.5"H, $$$$$$$)
Davis Blue & White Zig Zag Lamp (15"Dia x 25"H, $$$)

10. White Artichoke Table Lamps

Whimsical table lamps in a glossy white glaze. When it comes to our Artichoke table lamp there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself: Do you like the antique brass base? Are you okay with the closed artichoke look? How do you feel about savings

White Artichoke Table Lamp (16"Dia. x 29"H, $$$$$$)
Ceramic Artichoke Table Lamp (15"Dia. x 24"H, $$)

BONUS INSPIRATION! Natural Bone Inlay Table Lamps

Throwing one more into the running because why not?! Our Kosmos lamp is taller and the bone inlay base is smooth when compared to the Serena & Lily Delphine. But if you are okay with those differences, then the price tag is not a problem. It's more of a bonus!

Delphine Carved Bone Table Lamp (16"Dia x 23.5"H, $$$$$$)
Kosmos Natural Bone Table Lamp (15"Dia x 27"H, $$$$)


It's no doubt that the Serena & Lily table lamps are beautiful, and serve as wonderful inspiration for lighting! However, there are certainly other options out there that give you that casual coastal feel without putting a big dent in the budget décor.

As we said before, definitely splurge on lighting if your budget allows! Your house can certainly be decorated with high/low items. And guess what? Your guests would be none the wiser as to which items are the high and which are the low. If it were us, we'd be willing to spend a little more on the table lamps in the general living spaces (dining room, living room, family room) or in the master bedroom where you will appreciate them on a daily basis.

So... what do you think of these options? Share your comments below!

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