Fresh Linen home fragrance diffuser with scented reeds and glass bottle

Fresh Linen Scented Reed Diffuser

Enjoy the clean and uplifting scent of our Fresh Linen house fragrance with our room scent diffusers. Let this classic, long-lasting home fragance help you unwind at the end of the day or get ready to start a new one.


Fresh Linen is a cool, clean and uplifting blend of lemon and orange interwoven with bergamot, rose, jasmine and musk. 



  • Available in 6 oz. or 16 oz. sizes (each sold separately)
  • Scented reed diffusers in glass bottles (assembly required)
  • 6 oz. diffuse time: 4-6 mos.
  • 16 oz. diffuse time: 10+ mos.
  • Made in the USA
PriceFrom $49.50